Wifi connection

Holidays in L’Escala & Costa Brava with WiFi connection


Have WIFI connection in your holidays apartment, villa or house accommodation in L'Escala for 35 € a week!

On request and subject to availability.

  • To use the WIFI router you pay € 35 per week which is to be paid in cash.
  • You will have the router in your possession until latest Friday 18:00 o’clock. We ask you kindly to bring the router back to the office where you will get your deposit back and be charged any extra fees if necessary.
  • You have 8.0 GB per week at your disposal. In normal Internet usage (important: divided by the number of devices!) Normal-internet-use means checking/sending mails, reading news headlines, facebook etc. Be aware that Skype and downloading movies use a lot of GBs.
  • Each  1GB after the contracted 8 will cost 10€.Consumption and modem status will be checked on Friday when you give the router back.



WARNING: GBs are wasted when any device is on, even if you are not using it.                                                          

You would better have the devices turned off when not using them. 


Unico Costa Brava S.L is responsible nor for the use of Internet or the sites you visit, nor for the way they operate.