Are you considering investing in a second residence and finding it challenging to choose between a coastal apartment or a tranquil house?

Before browsing through the listings, it is important to determine the advantages and disadvantages of each option to better guide yourself and establish a purchase budget.

Here are some ideas to help you compare:

Firstly, it is essential to consider the location of the property based on your needs and the composition of your family unit; these criteria are equally valid if you are considering investing in this property to rent it out...

In the case of a purchase in L'Escala, that is :a vacation property in an area with multiple beaches, varying services, and a somewhat decentralized village, thoughtful questions arise. For instance: What is the proximity to the sea? Which beaches align with our preferences? Am I close to leisure activities? Where are the local shops, and how well-connected is the area?

Apartments typically boast a more central location or proximity to vibrant zones. However, parking options are often more restricted and may involve seasonal fees. On the other hand, a house provides more seclusion and tranquility but may necessitate owning a vehicle for convenient access to shops or the city center.

Of course, the second decisive factor is the price of the property for sale.

It is evident that typically, buying an apartment is more cost-effective than purchasing an individual house, especially if it includes a private garden, a swimming pool, sea views, etc.

However, when buying an apartment, don't forget to consider other expenses such as parking and syndicate fees if there is shared ownership.

In general, to estimate the cost of your purchase, regardless of the type of property, make sure to gather information on:

the price of insurance and property taxes
bills based on the energy equipment of the property (type of heating, double glazing...)
maintenance costs for pools, gardens...
property renovation expenses

Being fully aware of all costs is crucial for establishing your budget and understanding what you can or cannot afford to spend on your acquisition.

In summary, each type of property has its advantages and disadvantages. Also, remember to think about your family's configuration and your privacy; depending on your personality, you may prefer a quiet and serene place at the risk of being isolated, or a lively area with a friendly neighborhood (but more noise).

Regardless of your search, your real estate agent is here to provide you with this information and help you make the choice that best suits your situation and desires.

Unico Costa Brava is available to assist you at all times. Feel free to contact us and share your buying project.