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Introduction We know that buying a property is an excitin project. In Unico Costa Brava we want to help you in this adventure to help you find what you are looking for. Our professional team will advise you during all the buying process from the search to the visits, and the legal assessment. Discover what we can do for you!

We know what you want

We take time in listening what you are looking for, in order to optimise your time.

Network of partners

We have a wide network of agencies with whom we collaborate so you have access to a higher number of properties.

Properties’ selection

We propose you a selection of properties according to your requirements. This proposal is frequently updated.

We organise the visits

We coordinate and arrange the visits to the properties you are interested in.


We know the real value of the properties. We help you negotiate the best price.

No surprises

Our legal team is in charge of analyising all the details to offer you a purchase with the màximum guarantees.

Legal advisory

Our legal team will advise you in any legal aspect that may arise during the selling process: contract writting, taxes assessment, heritage, etc.

We sign with you

We set the signature date and com with you at the public notary to make sure the property is sold with no problems.


We know what you are looking for

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