GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR L'ESCALA (Girona or Platja d'Aro, please contact)

1. General conditions agreement:

The following booking conditions apply to the rental agreement made between the renter/host and the agency Unico Costa Brava S.L. Both these general conditions and the rental contract between you and Unico Costa Brava are applied and controlled by the Spanish law according to the court of Girona, Spain. When making your first payment to Unico Costa Brava SL for an accommodation rental you automatically agree with these terms and accept the general conditions..

2. Payment conditions and contract:

You can book an accommodation with us by telephone, internet or in our offices, after which you will receive an email confirmation.

It is necessary to proceed with the payment of the accommodation following the requirements below:

  • You will have to do a first payment of 40% of the total booking amount (including the 20 euros administration fees) within 7 days. Unico Costa Brava reserves itself the right to cancel reservations without prior notice after 7 days, if the payment of the 40% has not been received. The 40% payment can be made
    • Online, by credit card, via our website.
    • By bank transfer on the account number of Unico Costa Brava SL to be found in the booking email
  • The remaining 60% of the total amount, should be paid
    • no later than 42 days prior to your arrival date, when paid by bank transfer
    • Cash on arrival or holiday check. The latter is only possible if a written request is made through our email address:
Unico Costa Brava reserves itself the right to cancel the reservation, if the entire amount of the reservation is not received at the agreed date, or if the requirements concerning the cash payment on arrival are not met. In this case you are not entitled to a refund of the amount already paid.

If you make a booking for a stay less than 42 days before the arrival dates, you will have to pay the 100% amount of the booking at once by card or bank transfer. For other options please contact us

After having paid the advanced payment of 40% you will receive the contract for the rented accommodation, along with the general conditions, the location of the accommodation and information about how to pay the outstanding amount (60%).
The contract must be shown upon arrival at the office of Unico Costa Brava, after which the completion of formalities will be made, and the keys will be given to you.

3. Prices and included services

Our prices always include the final cleaning fee. The accommodation is rented with sheets (included in price). You will find them in a bag from the agency directly in the accommodation. Beds are not made. Electricity, gas and water supplies are also included in our prices however we will be grateful if they are used with responsible behaviour as for the owners’ respect as well as for the environment’s. NB: Electric car recharges are not accepted and may lead to a deposit retention.
The pictures of the accommodations correspond with the reality, although in some cases the decorations may vary slightly. The languages of the available satellite channels depend on the choice of the owner. Unico Costa Brava cannot change the installation nor be made responsible for what can be seen or not on TV.

4. Not included services to be paid on arrival

Several services are not included in the booking price and must be paid at the agency on arrival according to the instructions given below

Tourist tax
The tourist tax is €1.00 per person/per day. The maximum amount paid per person is €7.00, that is equivalent to 7 days. Children under 16 years do not pay taxes, a parent/guardian must however sign a form, to confirm the age. Forms regarding this personal information will be provided (in your language) by Unico Costa Brava a few days before your arrival. The form(s) need to be completed and (latest) handed over at the check-in. The tax will have to be paid in cash on arrival.

On arrival, the client will be asked a credit card (visa or mastercard) by the agency to make 300 euros authorization deposit. The deposit is 500 euros during the Christmas holidays (between 20/12 until 08/01 aprox.). This is not a payment and the agency will never take money from your account (unless there were damages in the house). See points 11 and 14.

If any optional service of those offered in point 5 has been taken, its cost will have to be paid in cash on arrival.

5. Optional serivces on demand

Unico Costa Brava SL offers several services, not included in the booking price. They depend on availability. To book one or several of them please contact us by email at or phone 0034 972 775 815. For short stays (less than 7 days), the price will be calculated /day on a seven days basis.

  • Baby cot: 20 €/week
  • Baby high-chair: 20 €/week
  • Towels set: 8 €/person
  • Pet: €4 /day and per pet. Always on demand, depending on the accommodation restrictions and agency’s authorization.
  • Late arrival: €20 /booking (always has to be agreed with the agency previously)

6. Cancellation of the contract by the customer

The client may need to cancel the booking, in this case the costs are:

  • Free cancellation between the booking day and 61 days before the arrival date. Only the administration fee will be charged.
  • If the cancellation takes place between 60 and 43 days before the arrival date, the cost for cancellation will be of 40% of the total booking amount + 20 euros as administration fees.
  • If the cancellation occurs between 42 days prior to arrival and the very day of arrival, the amount to be paid will be the 100% of the total booking amount + 20 euros as administration fees.
We recommend taking out a cancellation insurance to avoid problems of any kind. You can find some on our website (see point 15).

7. Cancellation of the contract by Unico Costa Brava S.L.

In the case of force majeure or an unforeseen loss of the booked accommodation, Unico Costa Brava offers a choice between replacing the accommodation with a similar accommodation (if possible) or cancelling the contract by returning the amount that had been paid by the renter until that moment.

8. Arrival to the accommodation

In the confirmation email you will find the information concerning your arrival such as complete address of our office and the agency’s contact data (telephone number and email). You will have to come to our agency for check-in and to pick up the keys.

In general, our arrival schedule is the following:

  • Arrivals between Monday and Friday: from 4pm to 6.30pm
  • Arrivals on Saturday: from 4 pm to 7 pm
  • Arrivals on Sundays are usually not accepted
For any other arrival (later or sooner) please contact us and we will tell you how to proceed.

During the check-in process, Unico Costa Brava will charge you the outstanding amounts (see point 4), give you the accommodation’s keys, address and inventory as well as the agency’s general conditions. You will have to read and sign them.

Although Unico Costa Brava checks each accommodation after every change of client, you may find something wrong in the accommodation. In this case, please contact Unico Costa Brava immediately. The agency will perform the necessary work to fix it as quickly as possible. The agency is not responsible for objections when we have not received a complaint about this within the specified time. Cleaning complaints will be only accepted on arrival day.

9. Departure day

It is mandatory that at least two days before departure, clients contact Unico Costa Brava to arrange an appointment for the check-out. In high season, it has to be taken before Thursday 11 am. to make so, you can come to the agency, call us at 0034 972 775 815 or send an e-mail to

The keys will have to be brought back to the agency Unico Costa Brava (av. Montgo 71 in L’Escala) between 8.30 and 10 am. If you want to leave earlier or by night, contact the agency to know where to let the keys (usually in the agency’s letter box).

The keys have to be turned back at the latest at 10 am. There may be penalties for non-compliance.

10. Inventory of the acommodation

The invetory of the house can be find in a plastic file in the house. Please thanks to check it all and inform us within 48 hours if you find anything not conforming to it.
If you do not inform us, you could be made responsible for the possible damages and money could be taken from your deposit.
The accommodations use to have enough equipment for the number of people recommended on the website. We will not accept complaints or requests for kitchen tools or furniture not included in the description or the inventory given.

11. Refund of the deposit

The day of your departure, someone of the staff of Unico Costa Brava SL will come at check-out to check the accommodation with you. If there is any damage, the amount of money corresponding to the repairing will be taken from the deposit as well as 25 euros as administration fees. We will send you all the bills corresponding to the incident and refund the rest of the deposit.
When everything is correct at check-out, the authorization of 300 euros you let by credit card as a deposit will be cancelled, within 7 days, showing no movement on your bank account. In the event of any damage, Unico Costa Brava will retain the deposit until invoices are received, in order to charge you for the exact repairing cost.
If you let a 300 euros cash deposit, and there are no damages to the accommodation, the money will be turn back immediately. For out-of-schedule departures you will have to let us know your IBAN/BIC number in order to refund the money by bank transfer within the following 7 days. If there is any damage, Unico Costa Brava's staff will assess the damage which will be withdrawn from the deposit. The invoices will be sent to the client and, if any, the difference will be paid by bank transfer to the account number provided by the client.

12. Obligations of the client

  • The occupation of the accommodation is limited to the number of persons as stated in the property announcement or contract, with children and babies counting as full persons. Unico Costa Brava may refuse access to the accommodation in case this number is exceeded. If during your stay, we detect that there is a greater number of people than the authorized, the contract will be automatically cancelled, and Unico Costa Brava will be able to evict the property.
  • The renter is obliged to leave the accommodation in good and presentable conditions . This includes (orientative, not limited to) that the dishes should be done and placed back in place, the refrigerator should no longer contain food and the bins should be emptied . The sheets must be taken off the beds and kept in the bags provided by the agency. Gardens and terraces (if any) must be left in the same conditions they were the day of your arrival. If a renter does not return the accommodation in the way described above, Unico Costa Brava retains the right to deduct additional cleaning costs from the deposit.
  • The renter must respect the accommodation’s restrictions . The accommodation may have restrictions regarding pets, celebrations, young people gatherings, smoking-areas… Unico Costa Brava reserves the right to charge economic penalties from the deposit if these restrictions are not respected.
  • The renter always must respect the neighbours and rules of the community areas . In case of negligence or inappropriate behaviour, Unico Costa Brava reserves itself the right to terminate the contract with immediate effect and without prior notice. In this case Unico Costa Brava has no obligation to return the paid rental amount.
  • Unico Costa Brava sends people to maintain gardens and pools , thanks to enable them the access to the accommodation in order to prevent damages in the installations.
  • The renter must inform Unico Costa Brava of any damage caused to the accommodation in order to proceed with the repairing. To do so, the client must allow the technical staff sent by Unico Costa Brava to enter the property at any time. It is forbidden to order by your own the repair to third parties. If Unico Costa Brava cannot access the property and damages get worse, an economic penalty could be charged from the deposit.
    In order to prevent robbery, please do not leave your personal belongings outside the property (gardens and terraces). We strongly recommend you close all windows, doors and any access to the property when you leave or you cannot control several entrances at the same time.
    Parties are forbidden. The accommodation cannot be used to organise celebrations and events.
  • In order to prevent robbery, please do not leave your personal belongings outside the property (gardens and terraces). We strongly recommend you close all windows, doors and any access.
  • • Parties are forbidden. The accommodation cannot be used to organise celebrations and events.

13. Pets

Pets are not allowed in all the accommodations, please check before if the one you choose is pet-friendly or contact us before booking the property. Even if pets are allowed, Unico Costa Brava must be informed and authorise them. There is an extra fee for every pet of 20 euros per day and per pet.

  • It is mandatory to protect couches and chairs with the piece of sheet given by the agency at your arrival. Failure to comply involves a penalty of 50 euros taken from the deposit.
  • Accommodations nor gardens are animal relief areas. If some relieves are found on check-out date, a penalty of 100 euros could be taken from the deposit.
  • It is prohibited to dogs to bathe in the swimming-pools, failure to comply may cost 100 euros.
  • If a pet is found in an accommodation where it is prohibited to have one, the penalty could be up to 200 euros.

14. Economic penalties charged to the deposit

In the following lines you can find some example of economic penalties that can be applied in special circumstances:

  • Up to 50 euros not to put the dirty sheets in the bag provided by Unico Costa Brava at your arrival.
  • Up to 20 euros if the washing-up is not done.
  • Up to 50 euros if there is rubbish.
  • Up to 50 euros if people are not ready at check-out hour.
  • In case of penalty concerning pets, see point 13.

15. Cancellation insurance

Unico Costa Brava, S.L. has an agreement with Europa Assistance for those clients interested in hiring a cancellation insurance. This insurance allows to recover the amount of the reservation in case of unforeseen circumstances. This insurance can be taken out at any time through our website.
There are two possibilities:

  • Insurance of the advanced payment of 40%
  • Insurance of the total amount (100%)

The client will have to fill in the amount of the rent and press the calculate button to know the cost of the insurance, always based on the amount of the reservation. If you agree, you will be able to fill in all the fields with the personal data requested. Once all fields are duly completed, you must accept the conditions and send your request. The conditions of the insurance are established in the footer of the contracting page.
You will receive a confirmation email when insurance has been paid. A copy of the insurance’s conditions will be sent attached to the email in the language chosen. If during the process you have any doubt, do not hesitate to contact with Unico Costa Brava by email to or by phone 0034 972 775 815.

16. Responsabilities of Unico Costa Brava, S.L.

If the rented accommodation appears to have such a serious defect that normal use of the accommodation is not possible, Unico Costa Brava will be obliged to find an alternative with similar features and price. If this is not possible due to a lack of available accommodation, a part of the paid rent will be refunded to you (depending on the time you have spent in the accommodation) without charging Unico Costa Brava any further responsibility.

Unico Costa Brava will not be responsible in the following cases:

  • Negligence or failure of services by third parties.
  • Malfunction or incorrect operation of community pools, playgrounds and sports facilities of any kind of which responsibility is for the user.
  • Theft in the accommodation.
  • Damages to persons or accommodation caused by an act of God, unforeseen circumstances or natural causes such as weather, where Unico Costa Brava cannot react.

The client understands and accepts that in any case nor prejudice, Unico Costa Brava SL will not turn back more money than the total amount of the booking.

17. Clients’ identification

A few days before arrival, you will receive by email a form to fill with the names, birthdates, ID or Passport numbers of all the people coming to stay at the accommodation. This form must be filled up before entering to the accommodation. If the renter has not done it before the check-in, it must be done at the agency when doing so.
These data will be communicated to the national Police as ordered by the article 12.1 of the organic law 1/1992 regarding citizen security.

18. Privacy policy

In accordance with article 5 from the Organic Law 15/1999, 13thDecember, Personal Data Protection and GDPR 2016/2007 and its implementing regulations, we inform you that personal data provided have been entered into UNICO COSTA BRAVA, S.L. ‘s database. The firm located in Avinguda Montgó 71 (CP 17130, L’Escala) is responsible of the processing and treatment of these data. Its purpose will be the management of contractual and commercial relations, that of the corresponding collections and payments, as well as the sending of commercial or advertising information about our products and services. These data will be stored in the event of possible future business relationships. By signing this contract, you consent to this processing.

19. Nullity and inefficiency of clauses

If a clause included in these General Terms and Conditions is declared, in whole or in part, null and void or ineffective, such nullity or ineffectiveness shall only affect that provision or the part thereof which is void or ineffective, subsisting the General Terms and Conditions in all the remainder, the provision, or the part thereof which is affected being considered non-existent.

20. Alternative dispute resolutions

If you have a conflict with a consumer and want to avoid going to court, alternative dispute resolution can be a good option. This is usually faster, simpler and cheaper than a court proceeding.

This encompasses all the different ways to resolve a complaint without recourse to a court: "mediation", "conciliation", "arbitration", "consumer mediator", "claims office", etc.

Department of Consumption of the Generalitat de Catalunya: the user / consumer can also access via the link for the resolution of disputes in an alternative way :

21. Règlements des litiges en ligne

Cette plateforme n’est valable que pour les litiges entre entreprises et consommateurs.

Si vous avez un litige avec un consommateur au sujet d’un achat en ligne et que vous souhaitez éviter une procédure judiciaire, la plateforme de règlement des litiges en ligne peut être le bon outil pour trouver une solution rapide et peu coûteuse. Vous pouvez l’utiliser pour faire une réclamation contre un client (par exemple, pour non-paiement) ou le client pour faire une réclamation contre vous.

Si vous avez une entreprise en ligne, vous devez fournir le lien à la plateforme RLL depuis votre web.

Lorsque vous êtes obligé (en vertu de la loi, de l’affiliation ou du contrat) de recourir à un organisme de règlement des différends spécifique, vous devez :

- communiquer aux consommateurs, par l’intermédiaire de votre site Web, l’organisme de règlement des litiges et l’inclure dans le cahier des charges.

- informer les consommateurs sur la plateforme ODR dans le cahier des charges et dans les offres envoyées par courriel.

22. Législation applicable

Les achats ou ventes effectués par Unico Costa Brava sont assujettis à la loi espagnole.

Les présentes Conditions Générales sont assujetties entre autres, aux normes suivantes en vigueur :

- Loi 7/1996, du 15 janvier, sur la réglementation du commerce de détail (« LOCM »).
- Loi 7/1998, du 13 avril, sur les Conditions Générales de Contrat (« LCGC »).
- Loi 3/2014, du 27 mars, modifiant le texte révisé de la loi générale pour la défense des consommateurs et des utilisateurs et d’autres lois complémentaires, approuvées par le décret législatif royal 1/2007, du 16 novembre (« TRLGDCU »).
- Loi 34/2002, du 11 juillet, sur les services de la société de l’information et du commerce électronique (« LSSICE »).
- Loi 22/2010, du 20 juillet, sur le Code de la consommation de Catalogne.
- Loi organique 3/2018, du 5 décembre, sur la protection des données personnelles et la garantie des droits numériques. (« LOPDGDD »).
- Règlement (UE) 2016/679 du Parlement européen et du Conseil du 27 avril 2016 relatif à la protection des personnes physiques à l’égard du traitement des données à caractère personnel et à la libre circulation de ces données, et abrogeant la directive 95/46/CE.
- Loi 7/2017, du 2 novembre, qui transpose au droit espagnol la directive 2013/11/UE du Parlement européen et du Conseil du 21 mai 2013 relative au règlement extrajudiciaire des litiges de consommation.

En cas de conflit ou de divergence dans l’interprétation ou l’application des présentes conditions contractuelles, les Cours et Tribunaux qui, le cas échéant, entendront l’affaire, seront ceux prévus par les dispositions légales applicables sur la juridiction compétente, dans le cas de l’acheteur, sur le lieu du litige ou à son domicile. Les parties s’en remettent d’elles-mêmes, pour la résolution des conflits, aux cours et tribunaux du domicile d’UNICO COSTA BRAVA et renoncent à toute autre juridiction,

Les présentes Conditions Générales de Contrat ont été mises à jour en Avril 2022