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Girona is a city on a human scale with all the charm of a larger city. Take a leisurely stroll through the old town, visit the museums and the historic buildings, wander through the streets and squares, and discover the tourist attractions, festivals, restaurants, cultural events, etc. Enjoy it at any time of year and, if you can, come back again and again! This lively city will always hold something in store to delight you.

Its historic quarter or Barri Vell is bounded in the east by the so-called Paseo de la Muralla, the sentry path of the ancient Carolingian walls (9th century) and the lower Middle Ages (14th and 15th centuries). Among its monuments, the Call, the old Jewish quarter, one of the best preserved in Spain, stands out, as well as the colourful Casas del Oñar, built on the banks of the river and very close to the cathedral, with the widest nave in the world in Gothic style.

In 2016, the city was awarded the Europe Prize, a distinction granted annually by the Council of Europe, since 1955, to those municipalities that have made notable efforts to promote the ideal of European unity.

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