An appraisal is a document that, while it may determine the sale value of my home, is mainly used when the buyer has to take out a mortgage loan. It is issued by a qualified appraiser.

A real estate valuation usually issued by real estate agencies to set the selling price of the house. It is the most commonly used due to the experience of the agents, and its free of charge. It should be taken into account that, among the real estate agents, it is worth mentioning those who have an added qualification of specialisation in this sector, not all of them, which even allows them to carry out expert opinions in front of the courts. It gives them a higher degree of professionalism.

Don't forget that the valuation is often carried out by real estate agents who have an important knowledge of the prices in the area where they work. Appraisers often include in their estimates, among other criteria, the selling prices of the real estate agents.